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Hi there and welcome to my site! I’m an artist by night and well.. an artist by day too! I have two jobs: during the daytime I’m a B2B Marketing Designer and get to write and design content, use my graphic design skills and plan new and exciting ways to serve our clients. During the night my inner painter takes over and I create paintings mostly with acrylic paint on canvas. In addition I’m also the head Graphic Designer for Täysii.

Art pieces:

  1. See what you love? Great! Hit me a message and we’ll get an artpiece for you! Prices vary depending on the size, starting from 60 €  (including VAT 10%)
  2. Love my style, but don’t really see just the right art for you? Great! Hit me a message and we’ll discuss the perfect custom painting for you! Example pricing 50×70 cm canvas 185 € (including VAT 10%)

Graphic Design services:

Best and easily accessible references:

  1. Täysii – I’m the head designer for Täysii and their brand image is my work. Logo, websites, color schemes, banner ads, and Täysii seminar’s all visual aspects are done by me. Visit Taysii website and you’ll get a good idea of what i have done.
  2. My dayjob efforts can be seen from here. The end result is a great team effort – I have done the wireframes for the pages and all the content is my handwriting.
  3. Want to see more? Hit me a message and I’ll show you more of my work.

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